Principles create a self-contract and provide a north star for decision-making. We can start to automate the repetitive decisions and actions in our daily lives by openly declaring our principles, reminding ourselves of them daily, and setting our intention.


I believe in building trust by being open, honest, and a person of my word. It has been a long journey to learn the importance of being honest with others and, most importantly, myself. I have found the greatest changes in my life have been the result of looking inward and being honest with myself.


I believe in personal liberty and the ability, which includes the ability to navigate one's life and/or express oneself freely, so long as it is not infringing on the ability of others to live freely, pursue happiness, and realize their purpose.


I believe in learning to fish, rather than having someone give me a fish. I believe in self-reliance and self-soverignty, for both individuals and communities. I also believe in providing support and pathways to achieve independence.


I believe the most successful company or community is one that includes people who can share a diverse and unique set of experiences from which others can learn and evolve to create things that serve the needs of more people.

Communal Effort

I believe that change starts at the individual level, but it takes a village to succeed. I believe in open source, community projects that allow every person to play an active role in solving their own problems. I believe that each person can use their talents to create blocks on top of which others can build and share their gifts.


I believe in valuing and recognizing active participation, as it is critical to community operations and it helps expedite the rate at which a person finds their optimal path. When we participate, we gain a sense of ownership and responsibility. We we stop participating, things fall apart.


I believe in acting quickly and not putting off problems to be solved another day. When we put things off, they hang over our heads, and it starts to limit freedom, agility, and mobility. Eventually, problems become too big to solve, and things fall apart.


I believe in participating remotely to achieve balance in life. We must build technology that allows people to move about freely, while increasing reach for diverse communities to be inclusive and opening new channels for remote participants to meaningfully engage.

Leaving No Trace

I believe that we all have a responsibility to keep our shared environment clean, healthy, and in an equal or better state that we found it. An environment without clutter and damage is critical to efficiency, effectiveness, and longevity.


Transparency builds trust. When people believe that something is hiding below the surface, they have a hard time going all in. This doesn't mean we shouldn live in a world without privacy. People have a right to control access. Systems used for community operations should be open source, as well as alogorithms, so people can trust in governance.


I believe in equal access to opportunity, equal application of rules or standards, and an equal vote. I believe that every life has equal value and should be treated as such in any decision-making process.

Atomic Agility

I believe the best way to succeed is to continually deconstruct into the smallest, atomic pieces, which can be accomplished quickly and serve as building blocks toward something greater, while allowing changes in direction without re-starting at ground zero.


I believe in not giving up when times are really hard or problems feel too big to solve, showing grit, resilience, and determination to continue breaking things down and starting over until obstacles are overcome and forward momentum is achieved. I believe in bootstrapping.


I believe in being accountable for the good and the bad. For a long time, I blamed others for my failures, but doing so resulted in a lack of learning and growth. We must be honest in our self reflections and accountable for the things we say we will do and for the things that happen under our watch.


I bleieve in the quote, "The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away." The faster we can self-actualize, the sooner we can share our gifts and reach transcendence, as individuals and as a collective community. The greatest gift we can give another is our time and the knowhow required to grow and live independently. Knowledge is meant to be shared openly.


Without privacy, there is no democracy. You cannot vote if someone is looking over your shoulder. It is hard to work that way. We have a right to live private lives. We are slipping into a world of mass surveillance - both online and with cameras all over our cities (and in our homes). It is not a comfortable way to live. We need to restore privacy. I design systems that are built on promises of privacy so people can live freely.