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Unite and empower mobile citizens with nation-building (network-building) tools and pathways to independence


Build the most trusted, inclusive, and valued nation in the universe through transparent tech and remote participation


Accelerate the technology transformation of a democratic governing system that aligns incentives around citizen needs

Building a DAN

Decentralized Autonomous Nation

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Manifesto : Realignment Around the Needs of Citizens

An original manifesto discussing issues with belief systems and biases, misalignment with corporate interests, and corruption. We need to re-focus our sights on the needs of people and enablement of personal freedom.

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APoll01 Nation: A Decentralized Autonomous Nation

A white paper about the use of a Decentralized Autonomous Nation for a decentralized government of users around social networks, leveraging incentives for participation, transactions with VATs, review & approval protocols, voting on community managers and rules, and campaign financing.

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The Future of SaaS is GaaS: Government as a Service

We need to start looking at ways to accelerate a tech ecosystem for democratic government. This article explores a new tech category, Government as a Service, which can by used by a variety of communities, including nations, states, cities, neighborhoods, social networks, universities, and more.

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