Dan Genduso


Unite and empower mobile citizens with knowledge, nation-building tools, elite services, personalized support, and pathways to independence


Build the most trusted, inclusive, and valued nation in the universe by enabling remote participation to support the evolving needs of each citizen


Accelerate the technology transformation of a democratic governing system that aligns incentives around the needs of the citizen and equally represents everyone

Building a DAN

Decentralized Autonomous Nation

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A foundational manifesto discussing belief systems and biases, misalignment with corporate interests, and corruption. A call to re-focus on the needs of people and present time.

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Imagining a Decentralized Autonomous Nation

An introduction to the concept of a Decentralized Autonomous Nation, which is the technology infrastructure to support the future of work and education.

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The Future of Higher Education Ecosystem

A short overview of my thoughts on the future direction of the higher education ecosystem with self-sovereign identity and personalized learning journeys.

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