Strategy. Operations. Product.

Dan is a purpose-driven strategist, operations specialist, and product leader who designs agile systems and capabilities that allow people and communities to thrive. In recent years, he has been researching and architecting solutions to enable digital transformation within government and key service areas, including education and healthcare. He has also spent considerable time examining use cases for democratic governing systems around social networks. He believes that the most important capability when starting a community is voting, and thereby has established decentralized review and approval workflows as the foundational functionality in his solutions for decentralize autonomous communities. In fact, his vision is one where voting becomes the future of work.


Unite and empower mobile citizens with knowledge, nation-building tools, elite services, personalized support, and pathways to independence


Build the most trusted, inclusive, and valued nation in the universe by enabling remote participation to support the evolving needs of each citizen


Accelerate the technology transformation of a democratic governing system that aligns incentives around the needs of the citizen and equally represents everyone

Architect of systems that prioritize FAM

Freedom. Agility. Mobility.



I believe in personal liberty and the ability, which includes the ability to navigate one's life and/or express oneself freely, so long as it is not infringing on the ability of others to live freely, pursue happiness, and realize their purpose.

Atomic Agility

I believe the best way to succeed is to continually deconstruct into the smallest, atomic pieces, which can be accomplished quickly and serve as building blocks toward something greater, while allowing changes in direction without re-starting at ground zero.


I believe in participating remotely to achieve balance in life. We must build technology that allows people to move about freely, while increasing reach for diverse communities to be inclusive and opening new channels for remote participants to meaningfully engage.