I value continous learning, including use of machine learning, deep learning, and reinforcement learning, among others, to accelerate the rate at which meaningful outcomes are realized.


I value independent contributors, teams, organizations, and other entities that can seamlessly bundle and unbundle as value creators.

Communal Effort

I value machines, people, groups, organizations, and communities working together in unity, collaboration, and coordination to create something with a value exceeding the sum of its parts.


I value health of animals, people, organizations, machines, the environment, the mind, and each entity operating within the community, organization, or system.


I value impartiality and owning your fair share, including responsibility.


I value building and managing relationships between technology parts, between people, between groups, and between organizations or communities.


I value transparency, accessibility, honesty, candor, and being an open book.


I value inclusion of people and groups, internal and external, throughout the process of creating solutions to consistently meet market needs.


I value safety, which is enabled by security, privacy, and product features that integrate govenrnance and enhance feelings of being safe.


I value self-governance of our person, our groups, our organizations, and our common community with the ability to make informed and uncoerced decisions.

Clean Environment

I value an environment, both physical and digital, that is clean and free of workarounds, obstructions, or matter out of place.


I value people, relationships, conversations, experiences, information, and items that are authentic and true.